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How to Increase Blog Visitors

How to Increase Blog Visitors - As a blogger, you definitely want a lot of visitors to visit your blog. But it's not as easy as we think, there must be things that can be done to increase blog visitors. Here's how 1. Doing BlogWalking BlogWalking is the behavior of visiting other blogs that are still related to the content of our blog content, and leaving relevant comments. We can take advantage of the comments column found on other people's blogs to increase our blog visitors. Of course, it would be a shame if you didn't. Doing blogwalking is an effective way that you can use to increase blog visitors. However, once in a while never comment negatively or contain SPAM because it will lower your image as a blogger. How to Increase Blog Visitors 2. Share Posts to Social Media You certainly know, the growth of social media is increasing day by day? We can use that factor to increase blog visitors. It's easy, just share your blog articles to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or the like to the relevant homepage or group. What do you mean by relevant groups? For example, your article contains about 'Cafe Hits in Kediri'. You can share the article with groups related to the city of Kediri, or cafes.
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3. Doing Guest Post Guest Post is an article written under certain conditions and published on another blog. Later we can insert our blog link into the guest post article. There are many blog sites that provide free guest posts with different terms. We must meet the conditions that have been provided before submitting the article. Besides being able to get blog visitors, many also use this method for SEO purposes in increasing authority. 4. Through Active Forums Many bloggers use this method to get visitor referrals from active forums. However, you still need to pay attention to the rules that have been prepared because each forum has different rules. Don't break it! or your account may be BANNED.